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     Welcome to ONYX
now you can send money to your family, friends and Loved ones within seconds!

With Onyx enormous network of banks and payout locations you can send money to anyplace in the world almost instantly. Our partners use an electronic platform to transfer funds to provide with the fastest transfer at ease.

Bank transfer: Our connections with high prestige banks worldwide make your funds reachable in almost no time at the best price. Now you can send money to your family and connection in convenient time.

Instant money transfer: Send money to anyplace in the world instantly without a bank account using our huge network of payout locations around the world. We are present at every corner.

Send and swipe reloading: transfer money to your loved one's credit card / prepaid card anywhere across the world within minutes.

Door to door transfer: Now you can rest at home while we transfer money to any recipient your wish from your location to any location that you wish. (Available in Phillipines)